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Alexandria Economic Development Partnership Will Help Small Businesses To Reopen

Businesses are finding innovative ways to stay afloat during the current coronavirus closures. They are also looking to the future and are developing plans for how they will function after restrictions are eventually lifted. A local group is helping with that effort in Alexandria, Virginia. Stephanie Landrum, CEO of the Alexandria Economic Development Partnership said, "One of our areas of interest is small business recovery". According to, "Landrum’s organization is a public-private partnership with Alexandria that normally promotes the city as a destination for businesses. Landrum’s group has been working with the Alexandria City Council on how to spend its portion of the $2 trillion Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act that Congress approved in late March. Now, her group is working to make sure that current business owners have a plan for the new normal that lies ahead." As per, "Around $2 million to $3 million will be used for a small business grant program that will help with the reopening process, according to Landrum. Landrum’s group told businesses that they should be prepared for a new set of operating procedures that will likely force them to make investments in technology and different physical workspaces. The grant program will be developed and refined over the next two or three weeks."

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