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Is A Condo Like 5500 Holmes Run Pkwy #918 In 22304 In The City Of Alexandria The Right Place To Start OR To End Your Search?

No posts found. is a reliable Realtor working every day in and around 22304. Photo of 5500 Holmes Run Pkwy #918 5500 Holmes Run Pkwy #918 is an interesting property with a lot of potential. But it's not important to me that you buy this property, or any particular 1-bedroom Contemporary-style condo in Alexandria. It's more important to me that you do what's right for you. My goal in this post is to help you organize your desires, so that you can move forward in your real estate search in the City of Alexandria. Of the top of your head, what's most important to you? Photo of 5500 Holmes Run Pkwy #918 I'd love to talk through your options. A few of the issues to sort through:
  1. How much can you afford? Does your budget have any room to move up or down?
  2. Residents at Place One enjoy additional benefits from this community..
  3. Do public schools matter to you? 5500 Holmes Run Pkwy #918 is served by and .
  4. Homes around 5500 Holmes Run Pkwy #918 were built around 1974. Do you prefer an older established neighborhood or a newly built condo?
Photo of 5500 Holmes Run Pkwy #918 Why don't you find real estate using a local, small business that cares about your requirements? Our real estate agents care about our clients and love to help you achieve your real estate goals.

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Realtor Julie Nesbitt

Are Condominiums "No Smoking Zones"?

Although smokers argue that they should have the indisputable right to smoke in their own homes, non-smokers who are concerned about second-hand smoke in condominium communities have challenged that idea. An increasing number of condos are banning smoking, preventing people from lighting up anywhere, even in their own units. Property managers say properties that choose to go smoke-free have a few options for dealing with long-time tenants who smoke. They can help them quit, or they can grandfather in those who currently live there. Some smokers are opting for electronic (smokeless) cigarettes. The Tobacco Control Legal Consortium will help landlords draft leases that include smoke-free clauses. It's interesting that the country is moving toward an increasing relaxed stance toward marijuana smoke and at the same time an increasingly intrusive position on tobacco smoke. I'm as excited about your next home as you are.  I'm your local expert, Julie Nesbitt.
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